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What a pharmacy can expect from the Pharmacy Sleep Services program



As the most accessible healthcare professionals, Pharmacies are ideally placed to offer ongoing support to their patients. The average person visits a community pharmacy 18 times per year and this enables pharmacists to regularly identify, screen, test, diagnose and treat patients for obstructive sleep apnoea, review adherence, and deepen their relationships with their community.

What does running the Pharmacy Sleep Services program involve?

Partnering with Pharmacy Sleep Services will help you enhance patient care, improve business performance and drive repeat visits.

We provide extensive hands-on staff training that covers:

  • Online pharmacy portal account to access exclusive training, product guides and marketing hub
  • Connected care for remote patient monitoring
  • Telehealth model – running our program remotely
While we are committed to fully supporting you and your pharmacy, success is a two way street. Your involvement and engagement in the program is key. This drives the positive health outcomes in your community.

Launch and succeed with the Pharmacy Sleep Services program in these six steps

Step 1: Attend a full day training workshop

We conduct a full day face-to-face, hands-on training day with your pharmacy staff. The more staff who attend this day the more successful your program will be.

Ongoing training is available via our exclusive online pharmacy portal and your Pharmacy Sleep Services Account Manager.

Step 2: Employ a ‘sleep champion’

Among other responsibilities, a staff member dedicated to the sleep program is a great way to drive OSA screenings and performance. Our best stores have a sleep consultant who proactively engages with patients in-store presenting signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea.

Step 3: Allocate a dedicated sleep apnoea area

Display a relevant and engaging range of sleep apnoea products, including CPAP machines and Point of Sale (POS) marketing materials.

Pharmacy Sleep Services provides you with all the materials and products you need to drive awareness of your new services.

Step 4: Screen existing patients

Screening patients is key to driving sales. How many Type 2 diabetes medication scripts per day are you doing? Look for people who fill scripts for other comorbidities like obesity, hypertension and depression. They are at a higher risk of OSA.

Offering the simple OSA sleep quiz at your script counter helps to raise awareness too.

Step 5: Ongoing patient care

It’s time to start helping your patients with sleep testing and CPAP trials. This is the heart of the program and helps you deepen relationships and change peoples lives.

Step 6: Engage with your local community

While a GP referral isn’t required for patients to enter into the Pharmacy Sleep Services program, driving referrals from local GPs and specialists can significantly boost your success.

Pharmacy Sleep Services can even provide you with all the necessary referral materials to help you pursue this avenue.

Get inspired by pharmacies sleep apnoea success

See for yourself how pharmacies like yours have transformed their patients’ quality of sleep and lifestyle with the Pharmacy Sleep Services program:

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